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Geschrieben von anorak am 28.09.2020 um 15:29:

  (Ehem. TD) Johannes Schmoelling - 20

Lambert Ringlage, Inhaber von Spheric Music, hat mich gebeten, diese News hier zu posten - das mache ich doch gerne!

Spheric Music presents the new album

Johannes Schmoelling - 20

Viktoriapark Records VP 2020 With: Kurt Ader, Jonas Behrens, Lambert Ringlage
Release Date: 11. September 2020
EAN-Code: 0745760614790 Duration : 30 Minutes

Style: Electronic Music

Many Tangerine Dream fans regard Johannes Schmoelling as one of the most creative artists of the 80s. At that time the band published releases like Tangram, Thief, Logos or Poland and finally created the well known film score „Das Mädchen Auf der Treppe“ (White Eagle).

For mid of the 80s until today Johannes Schmoelling is still busy in the field of electronic music. You can find a lot of exciting solo releases as well as new colaborations (for example with Kurt Ader, Jerome Froese, Rob Waters and Jonas Behrens).
With the release "20" Johannes Schmoelling celebrates the 20th birthday of his label "Viktoriapark Records".

"20" is representing that kind of electronic music that Johannes and also Viktoriapark stands for, now and already for 40 years of professional music production and for 20 years of Viktoriapark Records as a platform for (in a classical sense) melodic and harmonic compositions that have been arranged with electronic sound generators.

All 4 tracks on "20" have been created in cooperation. Involved artists are: Jonas Behrens (Track 1 & 3), Kurt Ader (Track 2) and Lambert Ringlage (Track 4). All titles are previously unreleased and should get much appreciation among the Johannes Schmoelling fans.

Sound examples:


Lambert Ringlage macht übrigens selbst elektronische Musik nach Art der Berliner Schule.

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