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Geschrieben von oldfield_de am 22.02.2002 um 17:28:

  Dark Star Newsletter

The Finnish CD pressing of Keesojen Lehto (otherwise known as the Mathematicians Air Display or The Consequences of Indecisions) is being remastered and re-released.

The new CD will be available from us early in March - you can pre-order now from our merchandise list available under the magazine section of the site.

The next issue of Dark Star is nearing completion and includes an exclusive interview with Sally Oldfield and more information about MVR - we will advise a publication date shortly, but there's still time to subscribe...!!

We are extremely close to reaching 1000 subscribers, and we intend to mark this milestone by giving away a special pack of Mike Oldfield goodies to the 1000th person. And we're talking very special... A complete set of promotional remastered series CD's from Tubular Bells to Heaven's Open AND an ultra rare white label test pressing of Songs of Distant Earth.

A 4 issue subscription to Dark Star Magazine costs just £10 (UK), £12 (Europe ) or £15 (elsewhere). Payment methods (including a trial of credit card payments via Pay Pal) are listed in the magazine section of the website.

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